We love the pub, its heritage and its culture and want to help reclaim and re-evaluate its traditional core values, sense of community, belonging, sharing and friendship.

Olivier at the LIVE & LET LIVE, Landscove
Yann at the LIVE & LET LIVE, Landscove

Our South Devon Story

We decided to cook at the Live & Let Live following a dream of ours to settle in Devon, near the coastline, in an area rich with the finest ingredients.
We have found a way to reconnect with our roots in our beloved passion project. Foraging for our own ingredients and searching for artisan producers and farmers has given an unmistakable touch to our dishes. By sourcing ingredients within 25 miles of the pub wherever we can, we hold ourselves accountable to designing the highest quality food. Our French countryside upbringing and years of experience in London fuse to create the rustic high end flavour of the Live & Let Live.

The personality, the culture, the knowledge, and the passion of the locals is what really brings our pub to life, and we cannot wait to welcome you to what we have created.
Yann & Olivier


In a wonderful location!

Our aim is to put it back in its rightful place as the hearth of our local community, whilst being a focal point for travellers to come together and restore themselves in the delight of our pub.
Zero waste, recycling and making use of everything that we have is the very genetic makeup of our pub, from the refined herring bone floor, to the pig trough light fixture above our snooker table.

LIVE & LET LIVE, Landscove

Snooker and darts
Each stylish setting uniquely chosen
The bar
A warming fire at the LIVE & LET LIVE

In a wonderful atmosphere!

In testing times for the publican nationwide, we have grasped the nettle and are striving to create an egalitarian atmosphere in which great food and drink can be enjoyed by everyone in this most sacred of British institutions. Our raison d’etre is to rejuvenate the face of the pub, by making the most of what we have without overcomplicating things in the process.


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